Welcome to Fab Store

We connect buyers and sellers in Qatar, empowering people & creating economic opportunity for all.

Fab-Store Trading & Distribution is based in Doha, Qatar. In this era of rapid changes and innovation, Fab-store has set itself the duty to ensure both simplicity and paramount quality to its various types of customers. Hence, the company is committed to offer tailored, efficient and high caliber products based on customer needs.

The core business of Fab-Store Trading & Distribution is to supply high quality products at competitive prices to well-known local and regional distribution channels, wholesalers / retailers / hypermarkets/ independent retail operators and Hotels.

The basic function of the company is to source products from both the domestic and overseas markets for entertainment stores / hypermarket and independent retail operators / Hotels / E-commerce store.


Our company keys to success will include:

Provide excellent customer service
Grow and maintain a referral network of customers / partners
Target and market to customers more intimately and effectively
Collaborate with suppliers and other partners transparently
Analyze and reduce fixed physical costs
Monitor and respond quickly to highly fluctuating variable costs
Empower front-line staff to anticipate and resolve customer needs with easy-to-use, self-guided navigation
Empower sales to discover and capitalize on new market opportunities
Increase effectiveness of risk and exposure management
Gain visibility into transactions and optimize processing products life cycles
Maximize investment returns and portfolio performance
Reduce operational costs, streamline processes and ensure compliance


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