Beurer 3-in-1 Electrical Muscle Stimulation Unit EM 80

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  • High end 3 in 1 Tens/EMS/Massage Device
  • 4 separately adjustable channels with 8 self-adhesive electrodes
  • 30 pre-programmed and 20 customizable applications (TENS/EMS/Massage)
  • “Doctor’s-Function”: ensuring ideal coordination with your personal therapy programme
  • Backlit easy to read LCD display with timer function. Output frequency: 1 – 120 Hz
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Beurer EM 80 Digital Electrostimulation Device 3-in-1

3 in 1 electro stimulation with the digital electric stimulation device EM 80 by Beurer for pain therapy, muscle strengthening and massage. The effect is based on the imitation of body’s own pulses, which are transmitted via electrodes through the skin and nerve or muscle fibres. The electrodes can be attached to many parts of the body. The electric stimuli are virtually painless, only a gentle tingling or vibration can be noticeable. The intensity of the four separate channels with 8 self-adhesive electrodes can be individually adjusted and thus. For example, can be adjusted to several parts of the body to be treated. The device can be used individually as well as one of the 30 pre-programmed applications. 20 customisable programs allow a variety of applications.

Use of electric stimulation – three combinable basic functions <br><br>The device includes 3 basic functions EMS, TENS and massage that can be operated in combination.

EMS and TENS technology




EMS muscle stimulation

Electric stimulation of muscle tissue. EMS is a recognised method of sports and rehabilitation medicine. In the sports and fitness area, EMS is used in addition to conventional muscle training, to increase the performance of muscle groups and to adjust the body proportions to the desired aesthetic results. The application of the EMS goes in two directions. On the one hand, a targeted strengthening of the muscles can be achieved (activating application) and on the other hand a relaxing, relaxing effect (relaxing application) can be achieved. Activating use includes, for example, muscle training to increase endurance performance, muscle relaxation to solve muscular tension, etc.

Four separate channels

he device has four independent stimulation channels and eight self-adhesive electrodes for versatile functions. Thanks to the separately adjustable channels, the digital electric stimulation device offers the advantage of adapting the intensity of the pulses independently to up to four treatment parts of the body, for example to cover both sides of the body or to stimulate larger tissue areas evenly. The simultaneous treatment of up to four parts of the body can also save time during treatment.

TENS – pain relief

Electrical stimulation of nerve paths. The effect of TENS is clinically proven and is approved for the treatment of pain with certain causes. The pain-relieving or suppressing effect is achieved among other things by suppressing the transmission of pain in nerve fibres and increasing the excretion of body-owned endorphins, which reduce the pain sensation through their effect in the central nervous system. The clinical picture of TENS should be examined by your doctor who is treated. TENS is clinically tested and approved for the following applications: back pain, especially lumbar and cervical spine pain, head and joint pain, etc.

Customisable training programmes




50 customisable training programmes

There are 50 training programs for the digital electro stimulator: 20 TENS programs, 20 EMS programs, 10 massage programs. For all programs, you have the option of setting the duration of the application and for each of the two channels the pulse intensity separately. In addition, with TENS and EMS programs 11-20, you can also change the pulse rate of each cycle to adjust the stimulation effect to the setting up of the application location. The standard settings of the stimulation parameters and instructions for electrode placement can be found in the instructions for use.

Relax with massage

Relax with massages – a massage effect caused by electric signals. The digital electro stimulation device also offers the possibility to relieve muscle tension and fatigue with a program inspired by sensation and effect on a real massage.

Doctor’s function

The Doctor’s function is a special setting with which you can access your personal program even more easily and purposefully. Your individual program setting can be accessed and activated immediately when switched on. The setting of this individual program can be done by advice from your doctor.

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